TYO story

Every great story has its humble beginning. Ours begins right here, right now. Two pioneers of design decided to discover and explore the universe of children fantasy and set out on their expedition far away into the unknown. Their journey led them to a new, yet undiscovered planet. They couldn‘t help themselves but scream Tyyyoooo! (means Woooow! in their language) upon their arrival, and that’s how the planet got its new name. They knew great adventures awaited them ever since they made the first steps at the new place.




The first thing they saw at the new place was three waggish animals. The eyes of the explorers gleamed with excitement and they immediately set off to befriend them. At first they met Bea the giraffe, who introduced them to her best friends – Mou the elephant and Lou the hippo – and they have been inseparable ever since!


Welcome to TYOplanet – a place where everyone creates their own world.



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