TYOplanet was created by a Czech designer duo Perla Kratochvílová & Marek Baláž, who decided to freshen up the market with children’s products.

Why toys, you ask?

Everything began while we were still studying. We were choosing the topic for the final project of our master’s program and suddenly realised we were fond of designing products for children. It opens up a virtually endless universe of ideas and opportunities and lets you live out your fantasies with the pure curiosity and imagination of a child.

This led us to a decision that we don’t want to design mere products, but rather materialize the dreams and fantasies of our childhood. We also want to engage all children, whose ideas will gradually help us discover the TYO planet and make our mutual dreams a reality.


Designblok 2017

Presentation of the first product series in the largest show of fashion and design in Czech Designblok 17


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